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NDP refuses to scrap squatter’s rights: Wildrose

On Monday, to the disappointment of landowners across Alberta, Wildrose saw Pat Stier's property rights bill voted down in the legislature. Bill 204 would have enhance provincial property legislation while also eliminating squatters’ rights, an archaic law that allows a tenant to claim ownership of the property after a designated amount of time without any agreement or consultation with the owner. Bill 204 would have enhanced property rights in the face of Bill 36 while also eliminating squatters’ rights. Despite this major setback, Wildrose will continue to fight for fair landowner rights.

As a member and supporter, I wanted to take the time to personally update you on the Agreement in Principle that was signed earlier today.

>>READ the press release, agreement and bylaws<<


Over the past decade, you have made Wildrose the beating heart of the conservative movement.

You, our members, volunteers and supporters have always been about pursuing sound conservative principles, not for power’s sake, but to do what is best for Alberta, our neighbours and our friends.

You’ve donated your time and money because you love our province and want to make it the best place to live in the world.

It’s what inspires me to get up each and every morning and fight so hard for this province that I love so dearly.

We are not here for special interests, or government insiders, we are here for the ordinary working people of this province who deserve to have leaders that stand up for them.

I want to say a personal thank you to you, the members, who have turned out in the thousands in every corner of Alberta, to give me your feedback on unity these past few months.

Above all else, I am accountable to you, and you can trust that I will always be frank with you as we move forward.  

The foundation of this agreement pursues unity in a way that maintains our grassroots way of doing things.

The founding principles of this agreement honour the principles that represent our party’s values as voted on by you, and which have acted as a guiding compass for our MLAs.

The society that would be created is based on the very legal framework that has empowered our grassroots since the creation of Wildrose.

The interim board and committees established by this agreement in principle would ensure that strong Wildrose voices would sit on the Interim Board, Policy and Bylaw, Nomination, and Leadership Election Committees to be the voice of the grassroots.

When it comes to financial matters, I’ve heard loud and clear from Wildrose members that they have worked too hard to build up assets to have them squandered away for another party’s liabilities.

This agreement honours that, and ensures all existing Wildrose funds could be used in a meaningful way to respect the Albertans who took the time to donate.

The agreement also ensures the principle of open nominations is maintained, mirrors the Wildrose bylaws, including ensuring there is same structure for AGMs, and keeps the same board structure.

Now that this agreement in principle has been finalized, the power rests in your hands as the members – exactly as it should be.

A Special General Meeting will be called for July for you, the Wildrose members, to have your say.

Over the next few months, I will be embarking on an awareness campaign to ensure that all members and Albertans who want to be involved in the process understand fully the options they are presented.

>>You can stay up to date with our tour on my events page here or at<<

I know that this is one of the most important decisions that you as members of the party have been challenged with.

But I have utmost faith in your decision making – you are in charge.

In the coming months, I ask that you approach this agreement in principle with an open mind. That you come to me with the tough questions, and know that I will always be open and candid with my responses.

As you’ve gotten to know me over the past few years, I hope that you recognize that I will never give up fighting for what I believe is right.

I am sincere in my hope to provide this province with leadership that will bring us to levels of unparalleled greatness.

To once again make Alberta a leader and a shining light that the rest of Canada and the world aspires to. And most importantly, to always defend the interests of ordinary, everyday Albertans. 

As I said almost two years ago, it remains my hope to consolidate all conservatives with the goal of presenting a new vision for Albertans that will defeat NDP MLAs in every region of our province and restore our province to prosperity.

I believe we are closer now today, than ever before, to achieving the mission of our party under this agreement.  I ask that you consider it with an open mind, and open heart.

Thank you.


Brian Jean
Wildrose Leader

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The prime minister's office is far too powerful a position under the new Canadian order. This non-directly elected authority appoints all the powerfull positions in the land and bypasses any authority the Parliament once had. Elected representative no longer represent their constituents. They obey the authority of the Prime Minister. He appoints the Senators, the Ethics Commissioner, the judges of the Supreme Court. In short; he controls the cabinet, he controls the House of Commons, he controls the Senate, he controls the Judiciary, he controls the Department of Justice. Need I go on? Do you call this democracy? And if this accurately portrays Canada , then truly, "the prime minister can be as despotic as a king. (misquote of Tomas Paine).




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